Sunday, March 13, 2011

It’s true...You are your own worst enemy

Throughout the process of writing the blogs, I have realized that people are their own worst enemies. YOU are probably the reason you are not going after your goals. It is not your over protective mother or your fear of public speaking, instead it is you using those as reasons not to go after your goals.

Many people know what they want, but sabotage their efforts by acting in conflict with their goals. You probably know the person who wants a promotion but is constantly late, or the person who wants to fit into her skinny jeans but eats donuts every morning. To the world it is clear that their actions violate their vision, but they are clueless.

According to an article published in the Harvard Review, people sabotage themselves by entertaining thoughts of denial, brooding, jealousy, fear of feedback, and procrastination. Now that you have realized that you are harshest critic, how are you going to fix it? There are many theories of how to counter this behaviour.

The first step to change is realizing what you are doing.

Make a list of five specific things you are doing to sabotage yourself. Allow yourself to be brutally honest. As you do this exercise, keep in mind that to have your dream life you will have to do the exact opposite of what you have been doing.

This self-observation will guide you to then identify the five things you can do to counter the behaviour patterns that are detrimental your success. For example, if you find yourself wanting a donut in the afternoon, counter it by having fruit first. Do you routinely spend more money than you put into the bank? You can counter this habit by putting 10 percent of what you earn in a savings account each week.

Finally, as you make a list of each of these five new action steps, practices or tasks, choose the one that you can accomplish today. And then do it with great passion. 


  1. I am 100% my own worst enemy. I know that I put things off to the very last moment I can possibly get them done. It's something I have been working on this year. Making a list of goals and things you want to achieve is a great idea. Seeing what you want written down in front of you makes me, at least, more likely to achieve them. Great post Kate!

  2. I agree. If you are unhappy with something in your life, you need to make an action plan. Otherwise, you will continue to be unhappy with whatever is bothering you. However, sometimes people are too hard on themselves and need to love who they are. If you are too hard on yourself with things you cannot change, you will never be able to be completely happy.

  3. I never thought about it like that before Dani, it's true though. People need to accept their flaws and believe they are good enough before they can find happiness.
    Thanks for the comment!